Are YOU missing out on the Social Media Bandwagon to increase Your Employment Prospects?

Social media has been a rage among people of all ages. Whilst you can connect with loved ones sitting miles away, you can also make yourself employable with a tactful application through social media sites, as well.

The majority of the companies these days also use social media to find the right candidate and we are not only talking about LinkedIn. There is a lot to be explored on popular social media sites and both employers and job seekers should make the most of it.Are YOU missing out on the Social Media Bandwagon to increase Your Employment Prospects?

As per a 2017 CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers refer to social media to screen candidates before making the final hiring decision whilst 57% of hiring managers may choose not to interview someone if they are not able to locate that person, online.

It speaks volumes about the growing perception of employers as they are hunting for suitable candidates, surfing or engaging across different social media sites. So, be wary of how you behave or project yourself on virtual platforms.

There is a lot at risk once you have opened social media account. Be subtle and professional with your approach lest it may cost you your dream job. Whilst you’re hunting for jobs, rely on the potential of social media sites to provide you with a plethora of job opportunities.

Whether it is facebook, twitter or Linkedin, build accounts that speak about your true potential and project your employability to the potential employer.

Lets us reflect on the existing potential of the different social media sites for job seekers:


It is an ideal platform to connect and engage with professionals in the same industry. However, little do people know that hiring managers may stalk your LinkedIn profile to figure out the suitability for a given job opportunity.

If they find the desired skill set then you are likely to get an interview or a call. So do not miss out on the opportunity to be found, in just a few clicks.

Alternatively, you can look out for the hiring managers of the companies you wish to work with in the future. Get to know their business and understand their culture to assess your chances of securing an opportunity in the near future.  Get in touch with professional job consultants for better career advice.

Are YOU missing out on the Social Media Bandwagon to increase Your Employment Prospects?


Twitter has gained immense popularity in a very short period of time. Whom you follow on twitter reflects, your interests and gives hiring managers a view of your personality, if you were to be selected for an opportunity

For instance, you might be following top leaders of popular companies and this may reflect the kind of psyche you have. Keep tweeting using professionally crafted keywords and hashtags to let others know about your talent and knowledge. This will also create a perception of your interests and personality.

Whilst tweeting and retweeting about your preferred business leaders, coaches or any relevant buzzing industry topic, you are actually making yourself noticed to hiring managers.

 Are YOU missing out on the Social Media Bandwagon to increase Your Employment Prospects?


Facebook though globally popular can be a slippery slope for most of the job seekers. Keep your Facebook profile neat and clean and avoid being tagged in inappropriate images or content.

Make appropriate changes in the privacy settings in a way that your basic personal information is searchable to hiring managers

Make a post only if it relevant and you’re going to be proud of it in the years to come. For instance, you can share and talk about upcoming conferences that may interest your followers or any of the latest developments in your industry that you may be working on.

You can skip posting regularly but be selective around what you put out. Any error in judgment can be misconstrued and could leave a poor image and bad impression.  Try to add value with each and every post you make in order to make yourself more appealing to potential employers.

To wrap up…

Whilst each platform serves a unique purpose, it is essential to maintain a consistent voice through your engagement across all social media platforms

It may be worth consulting recruitment professionals for assistance if you wish to increase you’re up chances of landing your dream job. Call us on 087 135 3510 or email to seek professional assistance to improve your candidature in the job market.

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