You may be the best-qualified applicant for a role and meet all the requirements but if your cv does not stand out or convey that message, you will not get to interview stage.

There are numerous websites, online resources, and even companies that can assist you with writing a good CV.

There are some basics though that must be clear and stand out on your CV.

Personal particulars: Please ensure that you contact details are on your CV which includes your email address and your telephone numbers. This is the most basic of requirements but is sometimes left out.
Be honest: Do not try to manipulate the duration of each job that you have had or change the dates. If this is discovered, you will loose all your credibility and sometimes even loose the job opportunity and the relationship that you have formed with your agent. If you have not completed a qualification, make it clear at the very first engagement that you have not as this is a material factor in most cases.

Highlight you skills, job duties and functions as well as any extra responsibilities that you had that may not have been part of your job description. It’s always good to mention your hobbies or interest so that the interviewer can get to know you better.

ALWAYS: add your accomplishments and successes. Every company wants to hire A players and A players are never shy about their success, awards and achievements. This also applies to academic excellence and achievement.