Before going to your interview, ensure that you have prepared extensively by doing an adequate amount of research on the organization and the people that you are meeting with.

There are numerous sources and websites to get information from like GOOGLE, LINKEDIN, GLASSDOOR, PRESS RELEASES and most importantly the COMPANY WEBSITE. Please ensure that you also spend time talking to your recruiter to better understand the company culture, their expectations and the role that you are applying for.

Do not let the Job description be your sole source of direction. The Job description is sometimes written by one stakeholder thus may omit an important requirement. The job description is a base for you to work of thus its best to enquire at interview stage if there are any additional requirements further to the job spec.

Companies are normally very impressed when candidates go the extra mile in their research and due diligence. If you are applying for a sales role or technical role, it will hold you in good stead to get information on the company’s products/ services and find out how they have been performing over the last five years. This level of detail can be found on the Internet or by even calling the company or a reseller of theirs and requesting further information.