Why do YOU need Employer Branding?

Innovative and effective Employer Branding is paramount to attracting and retaining the best talent in the market place. In an environment where, there is a distinct shortage of skills and a continuous war for talent, employers need to distinguish themselves from their competition. Employer branding, when followed through, serves a dual function within a business, it acts as a strategic resourcing tool whilst also generating consumer revenue.

We implore a thorough consultative analysis with the Human Resources department and the various other departmental stakeholders. We then bring all our expertise together and help you design, establish, populate, manage and optimize your brand across the relevant market segment. Emerging Search Consultants will agree an SLA with the client in advance so that we ensure that there is continuity, feedback, reporting and updates on the project.

Service offerings:

Bespoke Company Mini Sites and Branded adverts

A customised client mini website, linked to the Emerging Search Consultants website. The mini site acts as a mini “job board” allowing you to advertise up to 10 vacancies at a time. Branded adverts is a base offering that incorporates your logo onto the advert as well as across, all our social media and digital platforms.

Proactive email branding campaigns and Mobile branding campaigns

We live in a digital and tech savvy market place. In order to evolve with the market and establish a brand that speaks to an i-generation, Emerging Search Consultants has developed a unique email and mobile campaign offering.

To establish a world-class brand, attract and retain the best talent across Africa and directly impact your revenue bottom line, get in contact with Emerging Search Consultants. Emerging Search Consultants partners with multiple media, marketing and digital organisations around the world.