ESC Personality Profiling
When recruiting and assessing individuals, you need to gain the most powerful insights into the driving forces behind their personalities. An ESC profile gives you that insight, drawing on an industry standard psychometric technique to create the most advanced individual reporting available anywhere.

Based on a simple and straightforward set of DISC profile tests, the ESC profiler compiles a detailed and informative report that tells you everything you need to know about a person, from their inner motivations to their working style.

Our report explains the overall style of an individual candidate, and also looks in detail at the way they’re likely to perform their job.

The report looks at key areas such as motivation, communication style and decision making to describe a person’s working style in truly practical and useful ways.

The most extensive version of the report goes further, exploring a candidate’s suitability for particular roles in management, sales, service and technical work.

You’ll also find detailed descriptions of their approach to working relationships and teams.
A DISC profile is the most powerful and cost-effective tool available to people who work with people, and ESC profiling is simply the most complete DISC profiling package.

We also provides a host of extra features, from job matching to relationship assessment to team building and beyond.

Essential in Recruitment
Recruitment is costly and it’s essential to employ the right people. Understanding drive, motivation, ambition and other personality traits is more important than CVs and personal judgement alone. We give you that crucial understanding and much more.

Essential in Assessment
If you work with people, you need to be able to assess their current situation, their needs, and the way they interact with those around them. ESC profiling is the essential psychometric tool to help improve individual performances, relationships and teams in the workplace.

Essential in Business
We have applications for every part of business, from management to sales, to service and beyond. Help your people learn to communicate more effectively, plan their management approach, strategise sales and negotiation.

Previous testimonials:
“In a very short period of time, we were helped to secure some of the best talent in the industry”
Regional Director Africa-Global Software Vendor

Why ESC Profiling:
  • Cost effective, one of the cheapest in Africa
  • International standards-DISC profiling method
  • Convient and fast-15 mins online
  • Report and results available within 24 hours

Cost: R20 000 + VAT without Aptitude
R35 000 + VAT with Aptitude test

  • We also offer apptidude testing, an extensive online testing service for skills and aptitudes. We can test verbal dexterity, numeracy, comprehension and abstract reasoning. This will help to build a complete picture of a candidate’s potential.

Its seamless and easy. ESC does all the leg work. All we need is the candidates name and job that they are interviewing for.

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