Get the best out of your recruitment consultant

Be the Best... (picture taken from Best business deal)

Be the Best…
(picture taken from Best business deal)

Searching for a new career can be quite tough. Recruitment consultants come in handy as they always have the best jobs with well known brands in various industries and are in direct contact with the hiring managers thus making sure your profile is seen by the correct people and the turn around time is shorter.

Five easy ways to have a good working relationship with your recruitment consultant: 

  • Be on time– Being on time to the meeting with recruiter brings out your good work ethic and it is a sign that you will be on time to meet with the client
  • Be organised– Knowing the time and address of meetings and who you will be meeting makes the process less stressful
  • Be honest– Letting your recruitment consultant be aware of any program or skill that you have not harnessed, or other interviews or stumbling blocks. If they are aware, they may represent you better and even send you to other openings you are better suited for
  • Be helpful– contacting references and having your qualifications should be a smooth process for your consultant. Have suitable alternative contact details as well as have all your qualifications ready in a digital format.
  • Be confident– the interview process can be nerve wrecking. Practice at home and be confident when you go and meet the client (your future employer) Lack of it kills everything

These 5 “be’s” will make your recruiter send you to more prospective clients on your search for your new career.

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