How to Ace a Skype Interview?


The evolution of technology has made a great impact on the employment sector. Job seekers are choosing digital platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and many other online job portals to search for their dream job.

Besides job seekers, employers have also adopted the latest trends of technology to find the suitable candidates for their companies. The traditional face to face interviews are a thing of a past now. Nowadays, companies begin their recruiting process by conducting a Skype interview as it is a cost effective option.

It is quite easy to be under prepared for these interviews as you may think that they do not carry the same weightage as a face to face interview. However, taking a relaxed approach might cost you your dream job as this will be your chance to make a first impression on your future employers.

It is always a good idea to nail your digital interviewing skills to ensure that your body language is delivering the right message and your digital presence is as pleasant as your physical presence. So here are some tips that can help you in looking and sounding great on the screen.

Practice Makes A Man Perfect


Make sure to perform a test call to a friend or confidant before the actual interview to ensure that your camera and audio are working without any glitches. Ask your friend to conduct a mock interview to determine how you come across in an interview. Ensure that you do not have a cluttered background.

Do not dress halfway

The interviewer can’t see below the waist, so why not pair some comfy pajamas with a blazer, right? Dressing up has a lot to do with enhancing your confidence so make sure you don’t just put on any outfit. Colors like black and white looks good in a video. Avoid wearing any bright colors.

Master the body language

Similar to a face to face interview, you must avoid excessive physical movements. However, do not freeze completely. There is a virtual wall between you and the interviewer so you would want to keep him interested. You can make interjecting sounds like a “hmm” or “yes” or you could lean forward so that the interviewer knows that you are an active listener. Mind your tone and speed in which you are speaking.

Eye contact matters

While facing a Skype interview, most people tend to look at themselves unassertive of where to look. Eye contact can be tricky but for an apt eye contact, make sure that you are looking precisely into the camera. Placing the camera at an eye level will help and also minimize those contrite double chins. Remember to keep a smile on your face so that you don’t come across as a robot.

Make a cheat sheet

The biggest advantage of a Skype interview is that you do not have to remember everything. You can make some post it notes and stick them where they are easily scannable to get a quick glance.

Handling the technical glitches

It is common to face technical issues such as interference or weak signal during the skype interview. However, you must tackle these issues immediately. You can politely tell your interviewer about the issue and ask to reconnect. Not only you will come across as problem solver, it will also demonstrate how you perform under stress.

To conclude

Treat this interview as of any face to face interview. Just follow these simple tricks and your skype interview will seem less daunting. Be confident and you will surely seize the opportunity.

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