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As with anything in life, one needs to be prepared before they embark on a journey. In this instance, the road to a new job or career depending on what you are on the look out for. Prospective employers have certain documants they require from each candidate and so does the recruitment agencies:

We have compiled a list of documents you need to keep in soft and hard copy at any given time as in the world of recruitment, an opportunity can just present itself, thus one should be prepare. However, please note that each company has different request but this list will serve as a guideline:

  • A copy of your detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of your ID
  • Certificates: Matric and Diplomas and Degrees
  • Copy of latest payslip
  • Commision slips if applicable
  • Please read and sign agency documents so that yo can be represented well.
  • bank details  Never give out banking details and passwords

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