Interview dress code!

One of the most stressful things about interviews is wondering what to wear! We have drafted an easy guide for dressing for your interview. Please note that no matter which position you are interviewing for, dress in formal clean clothes. 


fig 1. Color-meaning-wheel

fig 1. Color-meaning-wheel

Fig 1. Look at the color wheel and see what the shirt or blouse will communicate to your future employer or Interviewer in this case. Select a color that will convey the attitude that you would like to portray. To add on, select a shade that will go well with your skin tone.

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Fig 2. image via

Fig 2. For the ladies, please make sure that the clothing is well fitting and is the appropriate size. When it comes to the shoes, the heels have to be comfortable and you will be able to walk in them. As can be expected, most interview places are foreign to us and the terrain unknown. Stick to comfort and be presentable.

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Fig 3. This one is for the men. As mentioned previously, formal clothing is the right way to go. In situations where one does not have a complete suit, a jacket and a tie a must have. This applies to everyone, whether the job is technical, office based or field based. The interview has to be conveyed in a serious manner. To add on, you must be clean shaven with polished shoes.

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” ― Mark Twain

Good luck!


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