Overcome Rejection – Turn Your Failure Into Success


There often comes a time in our life when rejection, be it at the workplace or in the real world, break us deeply that we start thinking that we are worthless!

In fact, no one enjoys getting turned down for a job, advice or anything that they take initiative for. So it’s common, rejection does hurt especially at that time when you’ve done a lot of preparation for a job- the one you really wanted.

It can be harder to accept a rejection but with the right mindset, you can turn your rejection into success. Something like J.K. Rowling, the writer of popular series “Harry Potter” who faced rejection in her initial days of career by 12 different publishers and now her success story is not hidden anymore.

In other words, when you learn to master your emotions instead of them mastering you, you can make your rejection as a stepping stone on the path of your goal.

Let’s give you a descriptive guide on overcoming rejection for a job opportunity and how you can change a bad experience into a career-changing event.

Ask for detailed feedback


When you get turned down for a job role, instead of bothering yourself with negative thoughts, think about what went wrong during an interview and how you can learn from it. Or the best bet is, ask your recruiter for the feedback.

Self-analysis won’t leave you with actual reasons of why you weren’t selected.  You can even ask your recruiter for a more detailed assessment.

Not because you want to raise question against it, it’s just that you deserve a clarification on the matter for which you had put a lot of efforts. A detailed feedback will help you prepare yourself for the next interview.

Review and Consider

The first thing to do after getting feedback from the employer is brushing the bad experience aside and step towards the improvement. If you don’t want to lose your confidence in the next opportunity; never think about your first rejection.


Just focus on the feedback and try to change your approach. You can start by thinking about everything that you have done for the interview, the way you prepared, interact with the interviewer and their follow-up.

This way, you can determine where you need to groom yourself.

Build a Personal Development Plan

If you are willing to achieve something, you can make anything possible. Start by making notes of your previous mistakes (in an interview) and weak points. Then use them as your focus when you start preparing for the next opportunity.

Overcome Rejection - Turn Your Failure Into Success

Depending on the difficulty of a matter, you can take assistance from the experts like recruitment companies in Johannesburg. This way you will have someone by your side to guide you to the right path.

Refine your search

Just have a glance at the job specification you have tried for and got rejected, is the role offer excites you? If not! your recruiter may have seen this too and didn’t consider you the right candidate for it.

Then why you are feeling bad for the rejection where even you don’t see yourself on a day-to-day basis.

It’s better to refine your job search and take help of a recruitment agency for say, it recruitment agencies in Johannesburg, if are from IT background. They will check and analyze themselves whether you fit that role or not.

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