Revive your Career with Sabbatical?


Are you considering a sabbatical?

A sabbatical is a paid or unpaid leave from a job for a particular period of time. Taking a sabbatical during a successful career may seem unrealistic, but a short vacation never harmed anyone, right?

Numerous times in our career, we get annoyed with repetitive and hectic schedule no matter how much we adore our work. At times, we run out of ideas and creativity in our workplace and are not able to perform at our absolute potential.

These are the times when we crave for a break from our work and sabbatical proves to be a privilege at that time. But is it that facile to go up to the superior and ask for a sabbatical? The answer is No.

When you ask for a sabbatical, you must be prepared to answer a few queries such as the duration of your leave, reason for your sabbatical and most importantly, how will your sabbatical benefit the organization? It depends on your employer whether you will be paid during the vacation or not. But remember, it is not a legal obligation of a company to grant you a sabbatical.

Nowadays, many employers offer sabbaticals to their employees because they know that it will add value to their job profile. The most crucial benefit of sabbatical is that you have the option to return to your job after the hiatus, though your job role may or may not be the same.

It’s always a good option to notify your employers at least 2 months prior your plan to start your vacation.

Here are some ways in which sabbatical can rejuvenate your career:

Make Things Happen

  • New career opportunities: Are you facing a midlife crisis and want to change your career path? Do you want to explore other opportunities for a career growth? You can utilize this time to search for different careers or jobs. It may seem an easy task, but in fact, it may take months or even years to find an opportunity that replicates your expectations. However, if you are not able to accomplish your goal, then you have the option to return to your previous job.
  • Educational advancement for career growth: You might have heard that it’s never too late to get an education, so why not start now? You can utilize your sabbatical to get started on your educational advancement. With the experience you have gained in your domain, you might be familiar with the kind of program that may put you ahead of others. Educational advancement means a better designation and better income.
  • Change in perspective: A sabbatical may change your perspective on your life. When you spend your time with friends and family, you may contemplate whether you want to spend more time with them or spare time for career success. You may even consider switching careers that may pay less but are far more relaxed in terms of workload.

In the end…

Opting for a sabbatical is a personal choice and the consequences whether good or bad, depends on how you utilize it. So think about it thoroughly before taking any step.

Better would be to consult job experts after you decide to explore job opportunities with your sabbatical coming to an end. Call us at (087) 135 3510 or write at to get professional assistance for best career advice!

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