The social network savvy job seeker

Photo credit: Jesse Aaron

Photo credit: Jesse Aaron


It is not a secret anymore that hiring managers and recruiters have turned social networks into a recruitment hub. Social networks such as LinkedIn are noted to bringing the working world together in every discipline. This being said, a clever job seeker will catch up with the rest of the world and clean up their social network savvy act!

Quick pointers..

  1. Clean up your current profiles. Anything that might be incrminating or put you in a bind would be best removed
  2. Sign up on linkedIn. LinkedIn is a great network for a job seeker to be on. You will get noticed as well as learn new trends within your niche as well as top jobs are posted on linkedin. Tip: follow brands, companies, recruiters and influencers..
  3. Follow company pages: Company pages enable you  to be the the first to get job postings as well as career, financial and job tips!

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