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With 2016 on the horizon, everyone will be thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions; but I always think it is very important to review your past year before you can plan for the following one.  As hiring can slow down during the holiday season, don’t let that discourage you; you can still use your time wisely and boost your career.

Every day you are faced with making decisions, whether it is about your finances, education or your career.  Five years down the line you wouldn’t want to look back and think to yourself, if only or what if.

This post will look at four points to help you avoid career regrets in the New Year.  It is pivotal that before making any major decision about anything in life that you consider the pros and cons of that decision and how it could affect you in the long run.  Career regrets could include, “I wish I had studied further, If I had, I would not be in this position right now.”, “If I started my own business like I had planned, maybe I wouldn’t be here today.” or “I shouldn’t have accepted the job just for the money.” 

In it for the money?

With the increase of living standards, more and more people are falling prey to this factor. Simply accepting job offers just because it pays well. Yes, money is important but your happiness is too. Avoid taking jobs because of the financial reward at the end of the month. It is important to think about it from all angles. Accept a job offer because it is something you want to wake up and do every single day, be passionate and ensure that it is a job that you see yourself growing in. A big fat cheque is just the cherry on top.

Don’t stick around when you’re dissatisfied

Sticking around at a dissatisfying job is something that one can avoid. It might happen that you lost interest in the job that you have been doing for years but because of fear or other reasons you are afraid to call it a day. Not only is that bad for the company you are working for but for you as well, you will live a miserable life full of regrets (if only I had left earlier!).  Stop wasting your time and company resources, if you need to look for something else, discuss it with your employer and find something that will satisfy you.

Research, Research and more research on the company

It is important to know the company you are going to work for before accepting any offers to avoid disappointment and regrets.  Ensure that the company suits your needs and your future goals by conducting a thorough research to determine if it is the right company for you. This is your career and you have the responsibility for its development.

It’s all about the passion

Being unemployed can be horrible. Candidates end up applying for any job even though they don’t qualify, let alone have any interest in the position they are applying for. This is a big No! When choosing a job choose something you are passionate about. This will make going to work enjoyable and will not be a burden to you.

You know where you stand with your career and as I have mentioned above before we can move on to the New Year, take time to look back at the decisions you made when it comes to your career, did they develop you or you have regrets?  Once you have figured that out work on ways on how you can improve that.