Tips to a great CV

photo credit: Getty Images

photo credit: Getty Images


Cvs are the first thing an employer or recruiter see before the meet you. They speak for you and it would be great to make sure that the following details are there before you send that CV or resume.

Things to double check on your CV:

  1. All companies you have worked for. (Even the minor contract roles count.) Leaving them out is a problem because the cv is a true testimony of your work
  2. Dates and duties: All start and end dates must be included as this reflects the period or length of your employment at a particular company
  3. Contact details: So many people do not get job opportunities as they forget to contact details. Phone number and email addresses. ( A reliable alternative number would be helpful)
  4. Make sure the CV is neat and not clamped
  5. Mention all Duties: Duties which you were responsible for have to be stated as well as industries and technologies used. A bland cv does not come up in a search

Be sure to make your CV user friendly and check for grammar….


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